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Here are all updates from the devs about the game.
#3 - 28th March 2023
Hello MetaFighters, gamers, web3 fans, or sports lovers!
MetaFight will be undergoing maintenance from March 28 to 31 - 4 pm UTC.
🌀 FUSION OF THE COLLECTIONS During this time, we will merge all our collections into a single collection.
We want to assure you that you don't have to do anything, as this process will be taken care of automatically. The long-term goal of this fusion is to give more visibility to MetaFight by concentrating volumes.
As part of this process, a snapshot is scheduled this March 28th at 4 pm UTC. This will coincide with the closing of MetaFight Alpha, which will reopen 72 hours later on Friday at 4 pm UTC. We believe that the benefits of this fusion will be worth it in the end and allow us to reach a wider audience.
It’s not recommended to buy secondary cards from the old collection (fighter cards) from the snapshot today at 4 pm UTC.
The new cards can be bought and sold in the Booster Pack collection. Here is the only link to follow in the future: https://rarible.com/boostercards/items
🎁 REWARDS DISTRIBUTION In two weeks, we will be distributing all planned rewards. The airdrops will be done little by little and include:
─ All the rewards of the different events/giveaways ─ @Ternoa launchpad rewards
─ @CrossTheAges pack rewards
─ Rewards related to the LOYAL3 program with @WeaboveOfficial ─ Last requested bridges
We are delighted to be able to make these drops, thank you for your patience so far!
Thank you all for your continued support of MetaFight! We're excited to unveil some exciting news, so stay tuned!
The MetaFight Team
#2 - 23rd March 2023
Managers, Throughout the past two weeks, a part of our work has been focused on UI/UX improvement, some bug display in packs and leagues, and ergonomy in placing cards into leagues. We’ll continue to improve the overall user experience while bringing new features. Now, let’s unfold what awaits you in the next update:
Merge Collection: In the coming days we’re going to undertake an important update to the various collections opened by MetaFight. In this way, we’ll be merging the collections Booster Pack, Fighter Cards & Equipment Cards under one. Why are we making this change ? First reason is to make the navigation easier. Second reason is to make the MetaFight more visible throughout the marketplaces by gathering the volumes spread out on the various collections.
Rewards: You will find in-league daily rewards into the Starter Arena and in-league weekly rewards into the Championship Arena. These rewards will be composed of Starter pack and cards, Bronze pack and cards, as well as Silver and Gold cards.
Fight Session: Championship Arena Fight Session cost is reduced so that you can place your fighters more frequently or add new ones in the leagues. Instant Arena will no longer cost Fight Session to enter it.
Instant Arena: The Instant Arena is now being costless in Fight Session. It will be used to offer alternative rewards. More info will be given in due time. Basically, the idea is to provide an Arena where you can place all the fighters that aren’t suited in your roster to compete effectively in Championship Arena.
Championship & Starter Arenas: These Arenas become the main place of the contest between managers. They’ll feature in-league rewards that should lead the best managers on their road to higher rarities. Available for all cards, the rarity still has a powerful impact on the power of a card. At least one of these Arenas should be privileged to fight for the rewards in cards and packs depending on the player's advancement in the game.
Leaderboard Rewards: By the next update, we’re making available the first version of the reward system: in-league direct rewards. Once we’re satisfied with this mechanic, we can proceed with Leaderboard rewards integration. ETA for this feature is difficult to be provided accurately, we’ll keep you posted on the advancements made. The update will be made over the next week, and the server will be turned off for a couple days to be effective. Thanks for your commitment! We're all gonna make it.
#1 - 7th March 2023
Early Community,
First, thank you for your daily participation in the game and for helping us to lay its foundations.
Since our arrival on IMX, the team has been working intensively to create the first MetaFight Alpha version that is quickly expanding with your involvement.
The first 2-week phase post-launch was focused on stress testing the game's infrastructure with a consequent simultaneous number of users, thus, allowing us to consolidate the key features.
Among others were improved internal navigation and several league aspects (matchmaking vs. AI, double registration).
The next 2-week phase is planned to validate all the work done on debugging. Indeed, as stated, we wanted to bring the rewards soon in the game's lifetime so that the player enjoys an even better experience. But to do so, each player's overall experience must be equal. That's why we undergo this 2-week validation phase before implementing the rewards feature.
Okay, but what does it involve? As of 03/08, 4:30 PM UTC:
  • All data will be reset, leaderboards included,
  • Open up 4x fresh Starter Pack,
  • All collectible cards will be kept (except Starter); only off-chain assets & data will be erased.
We are building the MetaFight game altogether.
We read you every day and take note of all the feedback, so keep testing & playing MetaFight Alpha and suggesting improvements.
Thanks for your commitment!
We're all gonna make it.
MetaFight Team