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Booster Packs

When purchasing Booster Packs, players receive three random cards. Each Booster Pack contains either individual Fighter cards, Bonus cards, or a mix of both. Purchasing Booster Packs is the fastest way for players to build a roster of Fissghters to enter individual contests and leagues to compete for rewards.
Booster Pack Bronze
1 Fighter Card Bronze
Booster Pack Silver
1 Fighter Card Silver
Booster Pack Gold
1 Fighter Card Gold
Booster Pack Legendary
1 Fighter Card Legendary
To accompany the Alpha release, the rates are being enhanced for a limited time.


For players in search of the most exciting action, the highest value cards, and the greatest possible rewards, auctioning on Fighter and Bonus cards in the Marketplace is the best way to get them. Auctions are the only way to acquire the rarest and most valuable Unique-class Fighter and Bonus cards. Additionally, players will access the other half of the Legendary-class minted cards not available in Booster Packs.